For many birth mothers, the world of adoption may seem like the great unknown. In reality, the process has evolved and changed so much that information is readily available for birth parents that choose the adoption process. Instead of wondering what type of future your child will be a part of, you can help make those decisions before the baby is even born. As you look into placing a baby for adoption, there are four types of decisions you can make that will impact their future. Each of these decisions involves choosing the adoptive parents for the child and looking into their family history and personal profile.

Family Types

One of the biggest decisions you get to make when choosing an adoptive family is finding the type of family that you want your child to grow up in. As you look through various couples and single parents, you can make the decision whether you want the child to grow up in a more traditional home with a nuclear family or choose some type of alternative. Another factor to look for is if the parents have any other children already, or if they plan on adopting more in the future. Choosing a sibling relationship can dramatically change the way a child grows up. You can also look at extended family members that the child will be around, including cousins, uncles, aunts, and grand parents. It can feel really good knowing that you are placing your child into a large family with a lot of support.

Adoptive Family Location

Along with the type of family that adopts your child, you can find out basic areas where the child will be living. For example, you may want your child to be raised in the same state that you were in. When working with adoption agencies, you can limit adoptive parent selections to a specific area. If you live in the state of Connecticut, you may want to limit adoption options to the New England area so that the child is not transported across the country. You cannot prevent the family from moving in the future, but at least you will know where they are starting out and have a basic idea of the setting and environment that the child is growing up in.

Religion & Holiday Traditions

For many birth mothers, it's important that their child practices the same religion as them and grows up following this faith. When screening potential adoptive parents, you have the option of looking at only specific religions.  The parent profiles can even break this down further with details about how often they go to church, what type of church they attend, and any type of religious goals they see for the child in the future. This option can also expand to holiday celebrations. Aside from Christmas, there are a number of winter holidays that focus on a lot of different cultures and traditions. This includes Diwali, Kwanzaa, and Three Kings Day. By choosing specific holiday celebrations, you can follow those same celebrations in spirit with your child.

Child & Adoptive Parent Contact

Along with choosing the parents for your child, you also have the option of selecting an adoption plan that sets up your personal contact with the child and their family. Through an open adoption, you can seek phone calls, letters, or even personal visits on an annual basis. Making these decisions early on will help you establish communication and a relationship with the adoptive family. It allows you to be a part of a child's life and watch their progress as they grow older and learn about their origins. An adoption agency can help you choose different contact options and set up a plan that works for both you and the adoptive parents that you have selected.

By breaking down an adoption into different aspects, you can see how the process still gives you a lot of control and decisions to make. An adoption agency like A Child's Dream can guide you through these decisions and ensure that you understand all of the different options.